Vincent Lostanlen watercolor portrait
New York, May 2019. Watercolor by Mathias Le Borgne

[ vẽsã lostãlεn ]

I am a scientist (chargé de recherche) at CNRS, the French national center for scientific research. I belong to a research unit named LS2N, which stands for “Nantes Laboratory of Digital Sciences”. My office is located on the campus of the “Centrale Nantes” engineering school. I am also a visiting scholar at New York University.

The main goal of my research is to build an artificial intelligence of sounds. I aim to further the understanding, the integration, and the democratization of machine listening systems. I also strive to expand the scope of audio content analysis beyond the use case of speech recognition; thus encompassing music, animal vocalizations, and urban sounds.

Our auditory system is highly complex, which calls for the development of scientific protocols at various levels of abstraction: from closed-form physical models of sound synthesis to qualitative studies of musical interactions involving both humans and machines. At an intermediate level, i give a pivotal role to convolutional operators in the time–frequency domain, such as scattering transforms and deep convolutional networks.

Learning audio representations

  • Deep convolutional networks
  • Multiresolution analysis
  • Green IT
  • Self-supervised learning

Monitoring biodiversity

  • Sensor networks
  • Few-shot learning
  • Noise reduction
  • Privacy by design

Transforming digital sounds

  • Physical models
  • Perceptual similarity
  • Texture synthesis
  • Gestural control

Academic Positions

  • Present2020



  • 20202017

    Cornell Lab of Ornithology

    Postdoctoral associate

  • 20202017

    New York University

    Visiting scholar

  • 20172013

    École normale supérieure

    PhD student

  • 20132013


    Research intern